Hello and welcome to the latest news from the new School Council (2016/17).

We have had the chance to write about what we have done so far. We have already been part of exciting events! Read on to find out more!

On the 30 June we went to the Big Bang Science Fair. There was a specific area called Toyota (yes it’s the car company.) There were four really cool activities there. One of them was how to work a car indicator. That was quite easy because there was a diagram to copy. We also had to turn over these really stiff plugs. That was really, really hard. There was a piece of machinery that you had to spin 500 times to get a
kettle to work with electricity (it was extremely hard). We made some badges with badge makers.

It was a really fun day. We brought home our badges and a selection of other things for completing all four of the amazing activities. We will have an opportunity to share our experience with our younger new School Councillors soon.
Amber and Olivia (Year 4)

KS1 Friesland Festival – We went to a dance, gymnastics and cheerleading festival at Friesland. We had a great time! We learnt some new gymnastic moves. We performed a dance to the other schools. We had a great time!
Poppy and Tilly (Year 2)

The school councillors went to a science fair and we looked for ideas for school projects. We visited a wildlife centre, one of us held a snake for about 2 seconds! The snake was smooth. We able to talk about wildlife and have a look at different animals – meercats, hedghogs and many more! Lots to share at school!
Lewis and Dinya (Year 3)

During our time at the Big Bang we went to a workshop on Fuze coding. As part of the workshop we wrote a programme to make an LED (light emitting diode) light up and flash. We also created screen messages and finally made a Mickey Mouse face that appeared to get bigger and smaller depending on the amount of light going into the electronic resistor.

We were testing out this programme to see if it would be suitable for use in our school – we both thought it would be really good to use for children who were confident or to if you had little experience with programming. We are looking forward to helping develop our science in school next year!
Zoe and Matthew (Year 5)

Happy Holidays to Everyone!