Phonics Curriculum Statement

Here at Draycott Community Primary School, we believe that the teaching of phonics is the stepping stone to develop children’s early reading skills.

  • We follow the Government Letters and Sounds Framework when delivering lessons and supplement this with Phonics Play and other resources.
  • Phonics begins in Nursery, where children explore different sounds around them and experiment with rhyming words (Phase 1).
  • In Reception children begin to learn the sounds of the alphabet and use them to begin to read (and write) words (Phases 2 and 3), introducing the skills of blending and segmenting.
  • Throughout Key Stage One, children are taught the remaining sounds and how these are represented as letters in writing (Phases 4, 5 and 6).
  • Children are grouped according to the phase they are working on rather than by year group, in order to support and challenge pupils.
  • Where appropriate, phonics is continued in Key Stage Two for any children who require extra support.