Writing Curriculum Statement

Writing is at the core of all we do at Draycott Community Primary School and is taught through our exciting learning adventures.

  • A variety of genres is taught through the use of carefully selected texts, which appeal to our children’s ever-expanding range of interests.
  • Children participate in Wizard Writing activities twice a term and these are celebrated and rewarded in whole school assemblies, where prizes and certificates are given.
  • Whole school and class displays celebrate these writing achievements.
  • To further develop the importance of writing, each child, from Year Two to Year Six has a Wizard Writing book; this is a hardback book that they use to end of Year Six.
  • High quality cross-curricular writing is encouraged in the Foundation subjects.
  • We also follow a whole school spelling initiative and, again, children are rewarded and celebrated in a whole school assembly.
  • From Year Two, we follow the Alan Peat’s ‘Exciting Sentences’ approach to writing.
  • Each year group follows a sentence, punctuation and grammar continuum to ensure progression and coverage across school. Year Two and Year Six use the interim writing statements for coverage and assessment purposes.
  • Children develop their knowledge and skills throughout the week with the aid of positive feedback from the teacher and targeted success criteria.
  • Marking provides the children with a next step to help them develop their writing and our current Marking Policy helps guide staff to ensure that marking is carried out consistently across the school.
  • In depth marking consists of using ‘two stars and a wish’, which includes verbal feedback with the younger children.
  • Self and peer assessment is introduced at the end of Year Two and continues to be developed throughout KS2. VCOP is also used in KS2 to further support peer and self-assessment.
  • Writing is edited in KS2 and pieces published to develop independence in written work across all areas of the curriculum.