Our Vision

We believe in creating strong partnerships with our parents/carers and community, ensuring we all provide our children with the enjoyment of learning, helping to build confidence, preparing them for each stage in life. Our curriculum provides pupils with endless opportunities to be creative, investigative and enterprising.

As a staff team our role is to engage, encourage and inspire pupils by highlighting possible avenues of exploration. We seek to offer outlines rather than maps or guides in order to open rather than restrict learning opportunities. We recognise there is value in failure as well as success.

Through valuing our children’s rights we teach them to take on responsibilities and to develop the skills of cooperation and independence, which will prepare them to be successful in a rapidly changing and challenging world, making a difference to their own and others’ lives.

Safeguarding and Online-Safety

Here you will find information about our Safeguarding and Online Safety policies as well as links to further information.


Here you will find information about our SEND policies and procedures and links to further information.


Meet our staff and see the pictures drawn by our children.

Policies and Documents

Here you will find information about our school policies and procedures and what to do if you have any concerns.

Pupil Premium

Here you will find information regarding Pupil Premium allocation and funding.


Meet the Governors and read about the role of the Governing Board.


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