School Lunches

Our Healthy and tasty school lunches are provided by Derbyshire County Council. A new menu will be given to each child when available.

  • Reception and Key Stage 1 children are currently entitled to a free school lunch daily.
  • Key Stage 2 children can buy a school lunch for £2 a day, if your Key Stage 2 child would like a daily meal, please pay via Schoolmoney or send £10 in a named envelope to the office on a Monday morning
  • A school lunch can be ordered on the day, please pay via School money or send £2 in a named envelope to the office.
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'My School Lunch'
  • ‘My School Lunch’ raises awareness of school lunches whilst educating children, their parents and teachers about healthy eating and an active lifestyle.
  • With ‘My School Lunch’, local authorities can work together to promote their own catering service in a way that is appealing to children and their parents.

Click the link below for guidance on Healthy Eating in Schools and to find the current meal menu. Look out for competitions throughout the year!

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